Friday, January 16, 2009

HE'S HOME!!!!!

The day finally came! Bryce came home yesterday! His flight came in around 6:45 p.m. Our family, the Blacks, the Spahr's, Aunt Leana & some of his friends were there to greet him. He had been traveling for two days and was hungry and wanting a shower. After leaving the airport he went and got released and then several people showed up at my parents to welcome him home. We are glad to have him home!
Mom running to hug him

Our family

Bryce with Dad & Mom

Bryce & Elder Freeman
They left together to the Philippines and returned together

Bryce & Kadence

Meeting Kassidy for the first time

Bryce & Drake

Bryce with friends

His Homecoming will be January 25th
@ 9 a.m.
at the church building on Southern just west of Harris (Mesa South Stake Center)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sunday, January 11, 2009

WOW! I'm like done! Today is P-day and we just report into the mission home and then start our journey home. On Wednesday we fly into manila and I get to go to the temple and kind of look around for awhile. Then Thursday we fly to Taiwan and then America. EXCITED! See you all soon. Invite anyone who wants to come and all my friends who are still in mesa. Love you guys. And you better have the new Harry Potter book waiting for me when i get home and i need to also schedule doctor and dentist appointments. I want/need to go to a specialist to make sure i don't got any bugs and stuff. Also I got some rashes and stuff so i need to get to a dermatologist. Well I'll see you soon!

Love elder Thompson

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hey Everyone

So whats going on? Things here are going good for the most part. A ton of crazy stuff is happening in our mission and so it can be kind of stressfull to think about but at the same time I guess I probably shouldn't even worry about it because I'll be home is like a couple days. I report into the mission home a week from today. When we leave the mission they have to call 8 new zone leaders and 11 new district leaders and that also has to do with some of the other things that are going on here in the mission but basically its going to be a HUGE change in the mission. We also had a good week of work for once. We didn't have as many distractions and so we finally got our area set up really nice now. Im way happy with whats going on here in our area but im kinda sad i wont get so see what really happens here. Well I dont have too much to say so....... thats it.

love you Elder Thompson

P.S. I got the cards they were funny

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hey everyone!

Hope you guys like the pictures of me and my pig. He was a good pig. So its been an interesting week. We had our mission Christmas conference last week so i got to see a lot of the missionaries here for the last time. Christmas time is crazy and we are getting like no work done which is actually kinda sad because this is my last transfer in the mission. We also had our ward Christmas party and i won a little plastic food container (for got the english word for that) in a raffle and then i had to sing a solo in front of the whole ward. Then my companion got sick for like two days and also I haven't felt the greatest but I think I'll be ok. I'm going to keep this short because im going to call on christmas.

love you all.

love elder thompson


Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hey everyone!

How is life back home? Things here are going good. We spent the morning practicing a dance presentation for our christmas conference which should actually be really fun. This last week was kind of a lazy feeling week because this new area we are in had like no work happening in it for the last 8 months so we are basically starting from scratch and we basically just worked with the members and had them help us find all the investigators and other members. Things are actually going good though now. We had 4 investigators go to church, 2 of which we found last week so we are excited. Too bad i wont be here to see any of them be baptized. Im not sure but i think i wont have any baptisms in this area before i go home. Thats ok because at least i was part of the work here and the members really appreciate what we are doing now. Also one of my converts is going through the temple to get her endowments like RIGHT NOW. So im way excited about that. She wrote me a really good letter telling me about some of the changes in here life and stuff. I really hope I can make it back here to the philippines to come visit some of these people. Now that it's getting closer and closer to coming to a close its making me think how hard it really is going to be to have to leave it all. There is this awesome family here in our area that works with us. They have a car and everything. Its crazy because the whole family works with us and they have only been members for like 18 months and they are really active. The husband is the elders quorum president. They are also going to go get sealed this December which is way cool. We also have this other family who feeds us EVERY night if we would let them. I love the members here so much but i still miss my island. Thats about it for me.

love you all.

Elder Thompson